The Antelope aims to record the beautiful and the odd. It strives to make visible through traditional and nontraditional documentation the full spectrum of human experience. The Antelope is a document.

The Antelope Magazine is an exciting literary magazine from the quirky minds of Meghan McGrath and Elisa Shoenberger. The magazine brings together our varied interests in oral histories, eclectic information, beautiful photography, snarky bird cartoons, and paper airplanes. The first issue is centered around the theme of Flight and where it takes us. We have oral histories with pilots, beekeepers, street artists, articles about zeppelin disasters and urban wildlife projects, poetry and even…storigami!

The second is about Code. It includes discussions of Victorian flowers code, poetry and music, hobo codes, and much more.

The magazine takes its name from Suzanne Briet’s “What is Documentation?” (1951) that expands the notion of what a document can be or what can be archived. As part of this project, we wanted to explore a single theme in as many different styles of writing/photography/drawing and modes of creation as possible.

We successfully raised funds from our Kickstarter campaign in April 2017. The funds were used to pay for the printing of the magazine, any shipping costs related to the magazine, and the supporter benefits. As editors, we volunteer our time and expertise in the hope of bringing a bright (and ridiculous) new magazine to the world.

In addition to having a varied theme, we at The Antelope Magazine are committed to paying our contributors. We value them as artists, historians, creators, etc., and are excited to support the work they do. Proceeds over our Kickstarter goal will be going to pay our contributors more.

Do you do creative work? Check out The Antelope and consider submitting to our forthcoming issue! We will be announcing the theme soon.