We invite writers, oral historians, cartoonists, photographers and other purveyors of media to submit their work to the Antelope, Vol. 2, based on the theme of “Code.” We’re looking for secret code, programming languages, hidden feelings, music (ha!), manners and conduct, language itself, and much more. The work must relate to the theme, but feel free to get creative! All submissions must be sent via email.

We ask that written submissions be 1000-2000 words in 12 pt Times New Roman Font, and that history submissions include citations in Chicago Style Format. Photos may be black and white, grayscale or color,  5×7, at least 1500 x 3500 pixels and 5.25MB.

For the work, we will pay an initial $50 and then a bonus based on the success of the Kickstarter campaigns. Payment due on final publication.