Our amazing contributors for Volume 2!


Adaoha is a hand lettering and animation hobbyist and user experience designer in the Hudson Valley who works on security products to help protect your data. You can follow her handlettering adventures on Instagram @alohadaha.

Hadley Austin

Hadley Austin is a writer and filmmaker moored in Chicago. Her current film project, Demon Mineral, recently won a production grant  from The Redford Center, and her written work can also be found in Stirring, Tipton Poetry Journal, and Chicago Woman Today.

Eric Bartholemew

Eric Bartholomew enjoys collecting odds and ends, and tapping into the secrets that ephemera may reveal. He explores history and stories, both real and imagined, through writing, photography and drawing. Objects are the inspiration for his projects and zine, focused on that miscellaneous space known as the junk drawer.

John Davis

John Paul Davis is a poet, musician and programmer. His work has appeared in numerous journals including MUZZLE, Four Way Review, Bennington Review, RATTLE, and many others. His first book, Crown Prince Of Rabbits, was published by Great Weather For Media in 2017. You can find out more about him at

Marnie Galloway 

Marnie Galloway is a cartoonist working in Chicago, Illinois. She is best known for her Xeric Award-winning comic In the Sounds and Seas; other comics of note include Burrow, Particle/Wave, and Slightly Plural. Her comics and illustrations have appeared in the New York Times, Saveur, Cricket Magazine, 826CHI, and Ask Magazine, where she illustrates the monthly children’s science comic Ask Ask.

She designed our cover.

Micah Gates

Micah Gates enjoys an occasional cocktail.

Erin Gernon

Erin Gernon is a Chicago-based harpist, composer, and sometimes singer from a 3,000-person town in Kansas. She graduated from Smith College, where she served as the orchestra’s principal harpist. Erin is an enthusiastic trier of racket sports and bitter cocktails.

Susan Golland

Susan Golland creates exhibits for the Field Museum in Chicago. When she has spare time, she enjoys writing letters, making old woodwork look new again, and neatly folding fabric napkins.

Carron Little

Carron Little is a performance poet and directs the public performance festival, Out of Site Chicago. She creates public engagement projects for neighborhoods and cities that begin with interviewing the public and writing poetry. Carron is passionate about art that generates public discourse and forms support networks within communities.

This poem was written for Sylvia Hikins as part of the Spare Rib Revisited project for Liverpool, U.K supported by We Make Places.

Joe Mason

You may know punk rock renaissance man Joe Mason’s work from or his Sightseeing column that appeared in the Chicago Reader. Maybe you’ve read his history zine Chicago Gets 4 Stars. Maybe you’ve seen him perform in bands like the White City Rippers, The Blue Ribbon Glee Club or Recent Photo. As a licensed barber, he can also cut your hair.

Alex Nall

Chicago based cartoonist.

Meghan McGrath

She is the co-editor and co-founder of The Antelope

Scott Priz

S.Montgomery Priz, English Explorer Extraordinaire, Esquire, is an attorney and circus performer based out of Chicago.  He has a passion for history, and the rogues contained therein.  He prays that any reenactment of this tale be met with less drama than the one involving the hot air balloon duel of 1805.

Elisa Shoenberger

When she’s not the co-editor and co-founder of The Antelope, Elisa Shoenberger is a freelance writer and journalist in Chicago. She has written for the Boston Globe, Huffington Post, Chicago Reader, Hyperallergic, and many others. In her spare time, she plays alto saxophone. She is a member of the order of the occult hand.

Bunny Smith

Bunny Smith is an adventurous pirate and professional raincloud that dabbles in technomancy and anything else she can get her hands on. She can often be found in the kitchen, at the workbench, or frolicking in snow.

Susan Yount

Susan Yount lives and works in Chicago.