Our amazing contributors!

Hadley Austin

Hadley Austin is a writer, History teacher, and currently grounded aerialist living in Chicago.

Eric Bartholomew

Eric Bartholomew is inspired by objects: everyday items, relics rich in history, and oddities that remain a mystery. He creates projects around the theme “junk drawer,” exploring the random nature of ephemera: things saved, and their stories to tell, to discover, and sometimes to just be imagined.

Nancy Behall

Nancy Behall is a Chicago photographer, Doctor of Physical Therapy student, and circus enthusiast. Drawing from a breadth of interests and a lifelong affinity to anatomy, she is always seeking out different ways to explore and represent the beauty of the body’s form and function.

Dan Carroll

Dan Carroll creates comics, many of which can be found at He keeps his drawing arm limber by carrying a forty-pound weight at all times.

Zach Dodson

Zach Dodson is an active member of many arts communities, forging connections between the worlds of design and literature. He was the founder of Featherproof Books and his own design studio. His illuminated novel, Bats of the Republic, is out now. His writing has appeared in Lamination Colony, Monsters & Dust, and 30 Under 30: An Anthology of Innovative Fiction. His design has been featured in Print, Proximity, and AIGA:Voices. He received his MFA in writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and teaches the Visual Narrative MA at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, where he lives with his wife and son.

Jamie Friedland

Jamie Friedland is a Chicago-based nature and urban photographer by night (or vacation) who doubles as an environmental lawyer by day.

Micah Gates

Micah Gates makes cocktails for anyone who will drink them in lovely city of Chicago.

Susan Golland

Susan Golland is an Exhibition Developer at the Field Museum and is the co-creator the event series That Belongs in a Museum.”

Joe Mason

Every detail about Joe Mason comes out quirky. He can’t even put on a shirt without it being brightly colored or embroidered. It’s probably to be expected from someone who hosts Shameless Karaoke part time, plays theremin in the White City Rippers, sings in the punk rock a cappella Blue Ribbon Glee Club and writes blogs for

Scott Priz

S. Montgomery Priz, E.E.E., has been a Chicago Historical enthusiast since at least 1995, with a specializing on Alderman Bathhouse John Coughlin and Billy Caldwell.  He lives in Chicago, with his wife and dog, one of whom is the editor.

Robbie Q. Telfer

Robbie Q. Telfer is a Chicago-based writer and performer. His work has appeared in several publications, a few video games, and many stages across the globe.

Serena Washington

Serena Washington is a museum collection manager by day and a maven of mixology by night. Her recipes are based on classic cocktails, historic recipes, and whatever-is-in-the-pantry.

Susan Yount

Susan Yount is editor and publisher at Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal and founder of Misty Publications. She lives in Chicago and works fulltime at the Associated Press. Keep up with her poetry tarot project here:

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